River Mouth Stations

Outfall water bodies/estero and creeks draining into Manila Bay were monitored to determine the pollution load being discharge by the outfalls into the Manila Bay

Bathing Beaches Stations

To determine pathogens contamination of bathing beaches in Manila Bay Region. 19 stations were monitored for total and fecal coliform count.

Inland Stations

Selected river systems in the Manila Bay Region(4a,3,NCR) discharging into Manila Bay were monitored to determine their compliance with the water quality criteria.

Offshore Stations

Nine stations Baywide in the Manila Bay were monitored for DO, pH, Salinity, Temperature, Conductivity and Total Suspended Solids.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring aims to update and sustain the awareness of the general pbulic
on water quality management issues with the end goal of advancing muti sectional support to
improve the quality of waterways.